Annealed Bare Copper Wire Ground Soft Connection

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1. Flexible connecting wires for electrical devices (such as transformers, electric furnaces), electronic and electrical equipment and silicon controlled elements for power transmission and distribution.
2. Electrician operation grounding wire.
3. Others

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1 Bare copper stranded wire is also known as bare copper conductor, grounding copper and bare copper stranded wire. They have two main types, hard pull and soft pull.
2. The flexible copper stranded wire is composed of a single wire with a diameter of φ 0.05 mm/0.08 mm/0.1 mm and other different copper wires (single wire diameter can be customized).
3. The appearance is relatively bright, without obvious damage and scratches, and without obvious discoloration caused by oxidation reaction.
4. The color of the outer edge is relatively uniform, and the distance is uniform and regular. There should be no missing strand, broken strand or strand damage. After softening, the copper strand should not be cut loose.
5. Stranding direction: the stranding direction of the adjacent layer of the copper strand is opposite, and the stranding direction of the outer layer is specified by the manufacturer. If the customer has other requirements, it can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

Purchase instructions

1. Color difference: Due to light, camera shooting and other factors, the product picture you see on the computer may have color deviation from the real object you receive, but we promise that all products are taken in kind, so you can buy with confidence.
2. Due to market changes, the price of products will fluctuate during purchase. Please contact customer service personnel to determine the specific price in order not to affect your correct purchase.
Material Science: Pure copper T1, 99.95%
Wire diameter: 0.05 mm/0.1 mm/custom
packing: 25~30KG/box, standard export seaworthy packaging
Price: To be discussed
Warranty: 1 year
Port: Shanghai, Ningbo
Name of the item
Flexible copper stranded wire
payment: Telegraphic transfer, letter of credit
deliver: 10-15 days, depending on the quantity
Supply capacity: 100 tons/month

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