Electrolytic Copper Powder Is Not Spherical Dendritic

Short Description:

Material: Copper

Packing: Standard export seaworthy packing

Price: To be discussed

Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

Name of item: Copper powder

Payment: telegraphic transfer, letter of credit

Delivery: 7~30days, depending on quantity

Supply: 20 tons/month

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Electrolytic copper powder can be divided into FTD1, FTD2, FTD3, FTD4 and FTD5 brands according to chemical composition and physical properties.
Physicochemical properties:
Light rose red, uniform color, no mechanical impurities.

Product use

Copper powder is widely used in powder metallurgy, diamond tools, sealing materials, electrical copper powder thermal conductivity materials, conductive materials, welding materials, superhard materials, friction materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Physical properties of copper powder:
Density :8.89g/cm3; Melting point :1083℃; Boiling point: about 2500℃, has good electrical and thermal conductivity, widely used in good toughness, good wear resistance conductive materials and heat transfer materials. Aperture does not vary with pressure. Due to the effective removal of suspended solids and particles, the filtration accuracy is very high, and the purification effect is very good. Especially suitable for fluid distribution, processing uniformity and other high uniformity requirements.

Electrolytic copper powder has the following advantages:
(1) Greatly improve the performance of diamond tools. Because electrolytic copper powder has good compactability and formability, it can improve the yield of diamond tools.
(2) Because electrolytic copper powder can be ultra-refined, the activation energy required for metal atom diffusion in the sintering process is greatly reduced, and the sintering performance is good, the sintering temperature is low, and the sintering time is shortened. On the one hand, it is beneficial to avoid high temperature damage to diamond, on the other hand, it can reduce the graphite mold consumption and electric energy consumption. It can obtain relatively high sintering density and hardness at low sintering temperature, and obtain good carcass performance.
(3) Electrolytic copper powder has good infiltrating and bonding properties for diamond, which can improve the holding power of diamond, increase the sharpness of diamond tools, prolong the service life of tools, and significantly improve the cutting performance of tools.
The development trend shows that electrolytic copper powder is used more and more in diamond tool industry.
Due to the high purity and good conductivity of electrolytic copper powder, the use of electrolytic copper powder in carbon products industry and electronic products industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, which also promotes the high-end development of electrolytic copper powder.

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