Copper stranded wire application field

1. Military covered wire conductors; power industry grounding rods; braided shielding wires for power cables; connectors for various electronic components; reinforced conductive cores for special cables; overhead lines for power transmission and telephone lines; parallel double-core telephone users Conductors of communication lines; bearing cables and trolley wires of electrified railways and rail transit lines; inner conductor materials of coaxial cables for cable TV subscriber lines and home lines; inner conductors of computer local area network, access network cables, and field cables.
2. Application fields of hard copper stranded wire and soft copper stranded wire:
(1) Hard copper stranded wire: Hard copper stranded wire is often used in places that need to conduct electricity and require relatively high tension due to its strong tensile strength and relatively strong electrical conductivity. Strong tensile strength, relatively strong, small resistance, good electrical conductivity
(2) Soft copper stranded wires: The most common ones we see are household electrical wires, which are suitable for electrical machinery and used as conductors for power cables and communication equipment. Usually thinner than hard copper stranded wire, it has a particularly high conductivity and toughness.
3. Application field of insulated copper stranded wire: that is, there is a circle of insulating glue or plastic outside the copper stranded wire. Such copper stranded wire is mainly made of the high tensile strength characteristics of copper stranded wire, which can be used for special locks, brake lines on bicycles, battery cars, and motorcycles. It can also be expanded and used as a rope for drying clothes and the like. Has a higher tensile strength.
The correct identification method of copper stranded wire
1. First: Look at the appearance of the copper stranded wire. The purchase of copper stranded wire needs to be observed from the appearance. Generally, a good copper stranded wire has a relatively bright appearance, with obvious damage and scratches, and there will be no discoloration caused by obvious oxidation reactions.
2. Second: look at the specifications and models of copper stranded wires. The selection of copper stranded wire needs to observe the size and specification of the wire. Generally, the drawing of copper stranded wire must be within the specified range and cannot exceed the process standard, otherwise it will be regarded as an invalid stranded wire.
3. Again: look at the structure of the copper stranded wire. When purchasing copper stranded wires, it is also necessary to observe the distribution and composition of the stranded wires to see if there are short wires, missing wires, loose strands, and stray strands. Generally, these can be observed with the naked eye.
4. Finally: look at the copper stranded wire welding process. When purchasing copper stranded wires, attention should also be paid to whether the welding process is reliable, whether the welded interface parts are neat, and whether there are uneven lines.


Soft copper stranded wire

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