Plasticized Copper Stranded Wire

Short Description:

Material: Pure copper T1, 99.95%

Wire diameter: custom

Packing: Standard export seaworthy packing

Price: To be discussed

Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

Name of the item: Copper wire

Payment: telegraphic transfer, letter of credit

Delivery: 10-15days, depending on quantity

Supply: 50 tons/month

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product use

1. Power transmission and distribution of electrical devices (such as transformers, electric furnaces) and electronic and electrical equipment, thyristor components of the soft connection line.
2. Connection of motor, electrical and instrument lines.
3. Electrician grounding cable.
4. Other

Product description

1. Copper stranded wire is made up of monofilament diameter phi is 0.05 mm / 0.08 mm / 0.1 mm / 0.12 mm different lines, such as the diameter of the copper wire twisted and become (customizable monofilament wire diameter).
2. The appearance should be smooth, no obvious damage and scratches, should not have defects. The golden yellow or light red surface oxidation discoloration caused by softening treatment can be regarded as qualified products.
3. The color of the outer comparison is uniform, the distance is uniform and regular, there should be no lack of strand, broken strand or strand damage phenomenon, after softening treatment of copper stranded wire cut shall not spread. The missing lines in individual strands shall not exceed 3% of the total strands.
4. Stranding direction: According to the manufacturer, the stranding direction of the adjacent layer is opposite. Unless otherwise agreed by the supply and demand party, it can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

Purchase instructions

1. The off color problem: because of the light, camera, you might be with you on the computer to see pictures of the goods received the physical presence of the color deviation, but we promise all the goods are real photography, you rest assured to buy.
2. Due to market changes, product procurement prices will fluctuate, as does not affect your purchase right specific price, please contact customer service personnel, the product go offline contract, do not do online sales.
3. You understand and agree that the quality, safety, hygiene, environmental protection, marking and other standards or technical specifications applicable to the cross-border commodities you order may be different from the relevant standards in the Chinese mainland.

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